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At unHUman Software our goal is to give you the best in software at a reasonable price. We also give you FREE, UNLIMITED, LIFETIME updates when new versions of our programs come out. For ordering information click the ordering info link.

unHUman Software came to be because there are many things that we wanted the computer to do, but there wasn't a facility to do it. So, we write software to fill those voids. Then, we enhance the program to make it useful to others and then release it to the public. Our focus is on small and fast applications that do what they're supposed to do, without feature bloat.

We maintain reasonable prices because these programs are small. They do take time to write, distribute, and support. Your purchase of unHUman Software is greatly appreciated and encourages development of other products.

We are always open to your comments, queries, suggestions, and ideas. Many of the enhancements to our products come from our users. We actually do try to make them happy. Hopefully, you'll find using our software makes your computer a happier place to be.

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