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unHUman Software Delivers Windows Sniper 2.0
Windows Sniper 2.0 Automates Desktop Management

BURLINGTON, Mass., May 3 - unHUman Software, a provider of software to make your computer a happy place, announced today the release of Windows Sniper 2.0. Windows Sniper automates desktop management by automatically performing functions when situations occur. This simplifies program usage by automatically handling situations which require tedious mouse clicks or other window operations.

"Windows Sniper gives the desktop back to the user--we take away many restrictions imposed by software authors on the use of their program." said Howard Uman, president of unHUman Software. "With unHUman Software products, users can make programs written by others do the things they want. It's a revolutionary thought in computing today."

The main features of Windows Sniper are: Button clicking, window hiding, window closing, minimizing windows, enabling options, enabling menu items, encapsulating windows in a virtual desktop, making a window "not always on top" and revealing passwords. All of these things can be done automatically, once Windows Sniper is taught what to do. Everything is fast and easy.

Windows Sniper is available for download immediately at:

The program is a 30 day trial that can be extended with the purchase of a license for only $12.00. The license also removes the promotional screens, so Windows Sniper can function in the background without any user interaction.

About unHUman Software
unHUman Software strives to provide solutions to "make your computer a happy place." This involves providing unique solutions to problems at a reasonable price. All unHUman Software offerings are available for free, full-function evaluation. All purchases include unlimited, lifetime, free updates. unHUman Software is on the World Wide Web at


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