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Windows Sniper is the fast and easy way to take out (almost) any window. Version 2.5 now uses about 90% fewer resources than 2.0, and is customizable to improve responsiveness. This is definitely an upgrade worth getting - and all upgrades to registered users are always FREE!!!

The technology in Windows Sniper allows for a wide array of window manipulations, giving you control of your machine when the software vendors don't think to give you the control you need. You can now use your computer and programs the way you want to.

The main functions of Windows Sniper are:

  1. Sharp Shooter - Automate any of the below functions so they happen automatically. No interaction from the user is required once Windows Sniper is taught. It's easy and fast.
  2. Runs in the Tray - Windows Sniper takes up a minimal amount of your desktop while still providing full functionality.
  3. Click - Click any control on screen (Version 2.5 adds more accurate clicking and right clicks).
  4. Resize - Resize windows the way you want them to be, automatically (minimize, maximize, and automatic placement).
  5. Close Window - Closes a window.
  6. Hide Window - Hides the window offscreen without actually closing it.
  7. Cloak - Hides the window from the user, but not the Windows Operating System.
  8. Pseudo Hide - Another way to hide the window from the user, but not the Windows Operating System.
  9. Option Enabler - If an option is disabled, but you know you want to use it, enable it with this selection.
  10. Menu Enabler - If a menu item is disabled, but you know you want to use it, enable it (actually all menu items) with this selection.
  11. Reveal Password - Forgot your password that's onscreen? Reveal it with this option and write it down!
  12. Encapsulate - Run your applications in a 'virtual desktop' window. You can then move this virtual desktop anywhere you want. Try it, you might like it.
  13. Always On Top - If you want an application to run on top of everything else.
  14. Not Always On Top - If an application runs on top and you don't want it to, here you go.
  15. AutoTarget - Automatically relocate mouse to active button. This is different than some mouse drivers in that it is highly configurable and animated so you don't lose track of your mouse pointer.

This utility is written in Visual C++ for speed and size (unlike other small utilities written in Visual Basic) and is feature rich. Windows Sniper allows you to easily find and modify almost any window on your screen. Simply drag the crosshairs over the window you want to modify and hit the "Take Window Out" button. It's that easy.


Preston Gralla is the ShareWare guru for ZDNet.
He features only 4 or 5 programs each month.
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"worth its weight in coin of the realm"
"Using Windows Sniper is an effective, and even entertaining, way to gain control of your desktop"
"Simply The Best Select Software"


  1. "Can't remember if I took a minute to thank you for the fast service and great program. The darned thing works!" - SO via email
  2. "You guys got the sweatest invention. Thank you! This should help me a lot." - GBowles via email

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